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Weight Loss

No matter how hard you train, you are wasting your time if you have poor nutrition. The #1 way to lose weight, change body comp, and feel better is through good nutrition. Come here to learn what food to eat, how to burn fat, build muscle, and get healthy!

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One Stop For Success


Here we work one on one to create life long changes. No more of the yo-yo diets because we will help you reach your goals and teach you how to maintain them.


If you're looking for the best way to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger, or just train for health reasons/general fitness, then look no further because here is where you can find current research based training information.


With the vast quantity of resistance training and nutrition information on the web, it can be pretty difficult to sort through all the garbage. Here, we attempt to bring you information based only on current research. Further, we strive to answer all your questions and help you reach your goals!

Fat Loss

Are you tired of fad diets? Constantly regaining what you lost or more. With everyone giving different opinions on whats good and whats bad. Here we sort through the research with no other agenda then to bring you the facts.

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Andrew Heming Assistant Professor, School of Human Kinetics, Trinity Western University

He has a huge passion for training and sports nutrition and an insatiable hunger to always learn more. He is off to a great start in this field and has a very bright and promising future.
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